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Company Profile

ESA, established in Gebze ‘Dilovası Organized Industrial Area’, produces composite materials.
Esa Composite produces specific composite products intended to the electrical, electronic, Cables, Construction, Chemical, Defense, Marine, Automotive, Medical and Aerospace sectors needs in 5.000m2 indoor and 8000m2 outdorr total production area.

In 1997 Esa Composite has become the most important supplier of cable producers with the production of fiber optic center components by pultrusion process.In the following years ESA has proven its quality by the sales of this technical products to the world leading companies in Italy and the UK.

Several composite parts and profiles are manufactured in our facility with various production method and their combinations such as press molding, RTM, SMC, vacum injection, filament winding and pultrusion.

This diversity in the production method existing for the raw material, for instance polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins can be combined with carbon fiber, glass fiber,aramide reinforcements depending on the customers’ requirements.

All necessary tests for the produced profiles, parts and materials are done according to standards within company, at the university or by TUBITAK.

Mechanical tests (Tensile, Compressive Strength, Stiffness, Tensile modulus Flexural Modulus, Elongation Break ), long-term durability tests , UV resistant, hot-cold strength, fire resistance tests and water absorption test can be done in our Q&C lab.

We offer tailor-made solutions to our customers with our technical knowledge and total 50 employees